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Wells Fargo has been sued in California for what amounts to egregious deceptive trade practices.  Employees have been allegedly involved in criminal acts such as opening phony accounts in the name of customers, forcing accounts they did not want, could not afford to pay fees on thus ruining credit ratings of innocent people.  Much more to come as this story develops.

Closer to home, Wells Fargo has blocked mail, including that from this writer.  Interesting, isn't it?  Twice received Daemon Mailers from mail sent to Wells Fargo officer Amanda Wright in the Kingsland branch in regard to deceptive trade practices perpetrated by her and former branch manager Lynne Massey.  Seems the old battle wagon retired rather than put up with continuing efforts by this writer to hold both, as well as their employer, accountable.

Will continue to do so.  Each week yet another email informing local businesses will be sent out by this publication until Wells Fargo admits guilt, makes it right.  Since neither the Texas Attorney General or the federal Consumer Financial 'Protection' Bureau are willing to take action, a complaint will eventually be sent to the U.S. Attorney.


As usual, the weekly Wells Fargo Deceptive Trade Practices Salvo email went out on schedule.  This time to a Washington Post reporter.  Can be found by clicking on the Salvo 23 icon well below.  A copy was forwarded to Amanda Wright.  The one to Lynn Massey was returned mailer-daemon:  "<>: 550 5.1.1 <>... User unknown."

Usually, this means one of two things. Either the person left the company or changed email addresses the corporation does not want disclosed.  No assumptions can be made either way here since Wells Fargo cannot be trusted.  Has foolishly, stupidly forfeited all credibility.  Has criminally engaged in deceptive trade practices.

Matters not whether one or both principals leave the Bank, anyway.  The Wells Fargo corporate management suite has consistently refused to take responsibility for the Bank's criminal activity.  Has not changed its policies.  Continues to stonewall.  Has offered no restitution for egregious invasion of my privacy as well as that of others.

Nor has it provided restitution for countless hours expended by this writer exposing the Bank's criminal activity to the light of day.  Unless and until this changes, the effort to expose Wells Fargo to the community continues.  Indefinitely.  Since the State of Texas ignored, refused to investigate the charges and the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau did the same, a new complaint will be prepared and filed with the U.S. Attorney.

Eventually, all Bank and government correspondence will be posted in this publication for public review.  No matter what, no matter how this is finally resolved or not, anything and everything that's already been posted will remain up for continuing public review.  The public deserves no less.  This will not be swept under the carpet under any circumstances.

The longer this fiasco continues, the costlier it becomes for Wells Fargo in terms of lost credibility and public confidence.  The Bank simply cannot grasp the fact nothing motivates this writer more than stonewalling.  ... Other than egregious injustice no matter its source.

After all these years, by now, this should be abundantly clear to the readership:  This writer is not for sale.  Incapable of being bought and paid for.  Impossible to bribe.  'Untouchable.'

It is difficult to believe, inexplicable, the egregious deceptive trade practices criminal activity perpetrated is confined to the Kingsland branch alone.  It is likely a Bank-wide problem.  Likely why Wright and Massey were not immediately fired by the corporate management suite.  Why top management did not immediately offer restitution to quickly resolve the issue.  Wisely, limit damage, loss of credibility, public image, trust, etc..  Instead, they haughtily 'justified' it.

Without question, deceptive trade practices were a problem some 15, 16 years ago in the Burnet Wells Fargo branch as well.  It was there the officer who opened the original checking account, closed several years ago due to corporate greed, filled in the blanks with false data I had refused to give her at the time the account was opened.  ... Apparently, after I had left the bank.  Possibly, while I was still there.  Not clear.  Not certain what their electronic capabilities were at the time all those years ago.

Management is not stupid.  Simply Aryan arrogantly does as it pleases.  Up to this point, with impunity.  That must change.  Now.  If the U.S. Attorney chooses to investigate despite the fact the Bank's supposedly too big to fail, -- and finds the corporate management suite knew what was going on, heads will roll.

Although highly unlikely in Nazi America, top level management may even enjoy a short stay at a federal 'country club.'  Up to this point, these arrogant sons of bitches have done as they pleased.  Accountable to no one.  As Massey haughtily falsely declared, "The Bank is the government."  Protected.  Coddled.  Clearly, likely lining pockets of those entrusted to regulate it.  Otherwise, she would not have made the statement.

Yet, bought and paid for GOP nazis want absolutely no regulation at all of their corpulent corporate benefactors.  Clearly, they want these corrupt abusive corporate bastards, who already literally own and manipulate the supposedly "'free' market," to be completely free to do as they please with absolute impunity.  Readers, they have been bought.  Sold you out to line their bottomless pockets.  The Democrats are no better.  They've done the same.

Most telling of all?  Not once has the Bank in the last two-plus years since this fiasco came to a head strongly denied point by point, vigorously challenged the veracity of extremely detailed charges made by this writer in the original snail mail complaint to the former Texas Attorney General and the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The fact neither the State of Texas or the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau investigated such detailed malfeasance begs the question:  Who got paid off, by whom, for what?  While no one may be ultimately prosecuted, held accountable, this publication will continue to do all it can to expose Wells Fargo for whom and what it is.


                            Wells Fargo Deceptive Trade Practices Salvo 36

This is the 36th installment of an ongoing expose of egregious Wells Fargo deceptive trade practices.  In an effort to maintain pressure not only on our worthless self-serving Texas Attorney General now Governor, but the Wells Fargo corporate management suite as well, the following email was sent to J. Derick Winfrey, Attorney At Law, Winfrey Law Firm.  Regarding Abbot's egregious failure to not only investigate deceptive trade practices perpetrated by Wells Fargo, but to answer the snail mailed complaint itself.

Egregious Deceptive Trade Practices-Wells Fargo
J. Derick Winfrey, Attorney At Law, Winfrey Law Firm


Dear Counselor:

The business community, including attorneys, needs to be fully aware the Texas Attorney General, now Texas Governor,
has ignored the following snail mailed complaint filed against Wells Fargo over a year ago.  Intending
to apply additional pressure, the complaint was then emailed to his office 9-15-14.

Apparently, the bank's too big to fail, -- or possibly his pockets are being lined. Whatever the reason,
the long-suffering public has a right to know. Will continue to do the best I can to
inform them in my publication.

Feel free to share this message and/or links. The public, indeed, must be informed.

Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 151
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609



Mr. Attorney General:

Can you explain why your office has failed to respond to the following snail-mailed
complaint against Wells Fargo?  Are they indeed too big to fail?  Or, are they possibly
lining your pockets?  Is the Davis campaign aware you don't investigate bona fide
complaints filed by citizens you allegedly serve?

Tim Chorney


Greg Abbott, Texas Attorney General
Consumer Protection Division
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548

September 20, 2013

Re:  Egregious Deceptive Trade Practices-Wells Fargo

Dear Mr. Abbott:

On January 18, 2013, this writer attempted to open a checking account with Wells Fargo,
MAC T7025-010, Kingsland, Texas.  While this account as well as a savings account
additionally required by bank policy were opened, it was clearly done under false
pretenses by Amanda Wright, Personal Banker, NMLSR ID: 936717.  Under supervision of Lynn
Massey, Store Manager, NMLSR ID: 555274.

Before providing complete details, this complaint was delayed due to severe out of state
family problems initially requiring re-opening of a checking account with Wells Fargo,
personal health issues, and relaunch of an investigative publication that was immediately
hacked upon relaunch months ago.

On January 18, this writer approached Ms Wright with a substantial United States Treasury
Check and the need to re-open a checking account.  – Closed several years earlier when the
bank greedily changed policy and attempted to charge an enormous monthly service charge on
a free checking account that had been open since 1999.  … Charge customers for using their

Ms. Wright insisted, to obtain free checking, substantial deposits would have to remain in
not only a checking account, but a savings account as well.  In addition, this writer
would be required to participate in online banking.  – Bank policy, she falsely claimed.
The following is a detailed listing of the deceptive trade practices perpetrated by Wells

1)The Consumer Account Application she showed me on a computer monitor, and had this
writer electronically sign, was not the same as the written hard-copy subsequently
provided.  Realized that on the way home and immediately returned to the bank.  The
electronic display did not include the following bank policy:  “You are authorized to make
any inquiries that you consider appropriate to determine if you should open or maintain
the account. This may include ordering a credit report or other report (i.e. information
from any motor vehicle department or other state agency) on me.”

In bold font, it continues: “I have received a copy of the applicable account agreement,
the privacy policy, and the Direct Deposit Advance Service Agreement and Product Guide*
(as each may be amended from time to time) and agree to be bound by their terms. I also
agree to the terms of the dispute resolution program described in the foregoing
agreements. Under the dispute resolution program, our disputes will be decided before one
or more neutral persons in an arbitration proceeding and not by a jury trial or a trial
before a judge.”

Had I been informed of these policies, would never had electronically signed the
agreement.  Never would have agreed to a credit check to open a checking or savings
account.  What for?  Had no intention of borrowing money, just depositing a rather sizable
amount.  Never bounced a check. Never gave Wells Fargo any problems, – until now with this
complaint.  Never would have willingly forfeited the constitutional right to go to court
to resolve a dispute and foolishly agree to binding arbitration.  … Which is nearly always
controlled, manipulated by these exceptionally poorly-regulated corporations that usually
do precisely as they please.  When confronted, Ms. Wright falsely feigned ignorance.  Had
a 'deer in the headlights' facial expression.  Had no explanation.

Demanded to talk to the Store Manager.  Ms. Massey informed me the bank was the
government, they could do as they please.  Quickly informed her the bank was not the
government, only FDIC insured.  Remains an accurate measure of the Aryan arrogance of
Wells Fargo corporate management, however.  Quickly informed her I would sue should my
privacy be abrogated by a credit or records check.

She offered to cancel both accounts.  Refused.  Had already disclosed personal information
this writer could not recover from this outrageously corrupt and abusive corporation.
Information it would share with anyone it pleased with impunity,  Information it could and
would not protect.  Leading to the next example of egregious deceptive trade practices:

2)When Ms. Wright opened the new accounts, she was immediately able to access all personal
information on the old checking account that had been opened in 1999 and closed several
years ago as earlier stated.  I pointedly asked her what my personal information was still
doing on a Wells Fargo computer network accessible all over the country, as well as the
rest of the world.  Anyone could have obtained that information or hacked the system.  She
had no response.  Neither did the Store Manager.

The account had long since been closed.  That information belongs to me, not the bank.  I
never signed any agreement with Wells Fargo forfeiting my right to my own personal
information.  Yet, there it was.  Worse, it included false information that I had never
given the bank.  Refused to give Wells Fargo when the account was originally opened in
1999.  For damned good reason.  Was none of their business, or the government's.

Clearly, the deceptive officer who opened the account years ago made up false information.
Outrageously, filled in the blanks after I left the bank.  Ms. Wright desperately tried to
elicit correct information that I quickly refused to give her.  As a law-abiding citizen,
it's none of the bank's business, none of the government's business.  “Know Your Customer”
policy is an outrageous invasion of personal privacy of innocent citizens, falsely in the
name of “national 'security.'”  Rather it is implementation of a fascist police-state this
writer will never accept, never cooperate with.  The hell with the treasonous, traitorous
USA 'Patriot' Act.

Having received a written bogus policy follow-up from Wells Fargo Legal from Ms. Massey,
she again offered to close the accounts.  I refused and informed her complaints would be
filed against the bank with state and federal authorities.

She subsequently changed the requirements for maintaining a 'free' checking and savings
account.  Interesting, isn't it?  Lowered the minimums required.  Did away with the online
banking requirement.  – The online agreement forced on account holders is worse than the
written one.  More repressive.  More invasive.  She wanted me to re-electronically sign
the agreement.  Refused, since it would have abrogated my right to sue if my privacy is,
or was, invaded or Wells Fargo engages in any further deceptive trade practices.

Without question, Ms. Wright is a brilliant, young, gifted woman.  Who likely knowingly
capitulated to pressure brought to bear by her corporate masters to engage in
self-serving, lucrative deceptive trade practices.  As low woman on the totem pole, she
possibly believed she had no choice.  Conversely, as a seasoned banking veteran, Ms.
Massey has no excuse.  Until rampant deceptive trade practices are effectively addressed
by authorities, there will be no faith or trust in the hopelessly greedy, abusive,
corrupt, arrogant banking community.  Precisely why an increasing number eschew business
with them, – unless forced by personal circumstances.

Should an ordinary Joe or Jane engage in such deceptive practices as the banking industry,
they are rightfully quickly indicted for fraud or worse.  Not so, the banking community.
Rather, it's protected and coddled by authorities. Too big to fail.  This has to change.

For your information, every other bank canvassed in this area is as bad or worse than
Wells Fargo regarding policy.  None are effectively regulated.  None.  Not one of them.
All do as they please.  With virtual impunity.  Convenient isn't it?  Are all in bed with
their 'regulators?'  Certainly, seems so.  Whose money, personal information do they truly
think it belongs to?  Them?  Arrogance, hubris?  Unlimited, endless.  National socialist.

Coup de grace?  A most poignant example of abject corporate cluelessness?  By a corporate
management suite that clearly doesn't 'get it?'  The following outrageously galling phony
propaganda printed on the monthly statement:  “Thank you for being a loyal Wells Fargo
customer.  We value your trust in our company and look forward to continuing to serve you
with your financial needs.”  Is that right?

Who the hell are they kidding?  They're delusional.  They betray their customers,
callously invade privacy, falsely believe they own account holder personal information,
share private information with whomever they choose as long as their pockets are lined,
pay pennies in interest for thousands deposited, release financial information to
government goons without a warrant.

How?  Courtesy of National Security Letters that are outrageously unconstitutional despite
rulings to the contrary by the fascists legislating their perverse ideological views from
the bench in support of their corporate masters.  Insult to injury?  These very same
bankers and others are forced by the very same dictators in government not to disclose to
account holders that they've been betrayed not only by our outrageously corrupt and
abusive government, but the corporate management suite that cowardly complies.  Yet, this
very same corporate management suite gallingly and falsely believes they're 'serving'
account holders.  How?  By betraying the best interests of their customers?  They serve
only themselves,  'Regulators' aid and abet.  A fascist police-state.

While customer service truly stinks, remains non-existent at Wells Fargo, it's as bad or
worse elsewhere.  Precisely, why the banking cartel does as it pleases.  Why?  Because it
can.  If an account weren't needed for legal reasons currently, this bank would be
promptly dumped.

Why is it a United States Treasury Check cannot be cashed at any FDIC-insured bank with
identification without a substantial charge, -- or at all?  That is, some of these
federally-insured banks will not cash these checks.  Why?  One wanted to loot this writer
approximately $300 for the 'privilege' of cashing a check from the government insuring it.
Hubris.  Unbridled greed.  Aryan arrogance.

Upon resolution of these issues by state and federal authorities, kindly be advised
Liberty In Peril will post an expose' on the banking industry and the government's
egregious failure to date to properly regulate it.  Worse?  Failure to correct the abuses,
corruption, deception, and outright fraud repeatedly committed by these banks.  This
letter and all correspondence from you and your agency will be ultimately posted in my
publication.  Redacted as necessary.


Tim Chorney, Publisher
Liberty In Peril
The Llano Ledger
P.O. Box 151
Buchanan Dam, Texas 78609

c: Liberty In Peril